Sunshine Coast Yamaha is proud to offer the range of Yamaha Portable Outboards, everything from the super reliable and portable F2.5 up to the new powerful and light F25 with electronic fuel injection. The portable range is perfect for getting the kids on the water or setting up that roof topper boat for your dream trip around Australia.

With accessories like extra fuel tanks and fuel lines available, Sunshine Coast Yamaha has all your Yamaha outboard needs covered.

All advertised prices are subject to change without notice and are for single outboards only. Prices advertised are for the basic version of each motor, more advanced versions will be more expensive. In cases where a motor can be operated by either a tiller or forward control installation. The tiller price is shown. Please contact Sunshine Coast Yamaha for a final fitted quote.

It is a Yamaha Motor Australia requirement that all non portable outboards be fitted and water tested by the selling dealer.

While every effort has been taken to provide accurate outboard pricing, Sunshine Coast Yamaha acknowledges that not every boat is the same. For that reason, the supplied pricing is indicative only and we recommend getting in touch with our Yamaha outboard experts to make sure we fit the right outboard for your boat. Advertised price includes basic controls and gauges (these are not applicable to every boat) and every purchase should be discussed to ensure the correct components are supplied

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Yamaha Outboard F2.5

From $1160 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha F4

FROM $1600 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha F5

FROM $1740.00 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F6

From $1885 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F8

From $2770 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F9.9

FROM $2960.00 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F15

FROM $3536 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F20

From $4143 0.00 Feet 2020

Yamaha Outboard F25

From $4470 0.00 Feet 2020