Yamaha Outboard F25

Yamaha Outboard F25

Yamaha F25SMHC, F25LMHC, F25SWTC, F25LWTC, F25SWTHC & F25LWTHC 25 horsepower 4-stroke outboards for sale at Sunshine Coast Yamaha!

The F25 delivers the weight and performance you would expect from a two-stroke, with all of the advantages that comes with Yamaha’s industry-leading four-stroke technologies. This new generation outboard is not only an improvement on the four-stroke model it replaced, but also exceeds the all-round capabilities of Yamaha’s legendry 25 two-stroke outboard. 

For the first-time in Yamaha’s four-stroke history, the F25 comes with a battery-less fuel injection option – delivering easier starts, better fuel economy and an improved overall operating performance.

Yamaha’s F25 delivers the industry’s highest power-to-weight ratio and options to suite every boating style. Choose from mechanical and/or electric start, mechanical tilt or power, trim and tilt (PTT), and a redesigned tiller handle or forward control options - now in both short and long shaft models.

With all the features and options normally only seen in Yamaha’s bigger horsepower models, the F25 punches well above its weight.  

Available in:

  • F25SMHC - Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height - Short
  • F25LMHC - Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height - Long
  • F25SWTC - Electric & Manual Start, Tilt System - Manual, Forward/Remote Control, Transom height - Short
  • F25LWTC - Electric Start, Tilt System - Electric Start(Power Trim & Tilt), Forward/Remote Control, Transom height - Long
  • F25SWTHC-TILLER - Electric Start, Tilt System - Electric Start(Power Trim & Tilt), Multifunctional Tiller Handle, Transom height - Short
  • F25LWTHC-TILLER - Electric Start, Tilt System - Electric Start(Power Trim & Tilt), Multifunctional Tiller Handle, Transom height - Long


  • Engine Type4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 2
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) 65 x 65.1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
  • Displacement (cc) 432.0
  • Recommended Maximum RPM 5000-6000
  • Fuel Management EFI
  • Ignition CDI
  • Lubrication System Wet-sump
  • Alternator Output12V - 16A with Rectifier Regulator (Battery Charging Kit Optional)
  • Gear Ratio 2.08 : 1
  • Starter SystemManual Starter (M), Manual and Electric Starter (W)
  • Operation MethodTiller Handle (H), Remote Control
  • Trim and Tilt MethodManual Tilt, Power Trim and Tilt (T)
  • Digital GaugesOptional
  • Command Link GaugesOptional

Prices do not include fitting or accessories where applicable. It is a Yamaha Australia requirement that all Yamaha Outboards be fitted and personally delivered by the selling Yamaha outboard dealership. Need Finance? Apply now through Yamaha Motor Finance!. For all your Yamaha outboard prices and questions, make sure you get in touch with the team at Sunshine Coast Yamaha.