Sunshine Coast Yamaha is thrilled to offer a selection of exceptional Stessco boats, perfectly suited for the avid angler or anyone seeking unforgettable adventures on the water. In our showroom, you’ll find two remarkable models ready to take on your next fishing expedition:

Stessco Renegade 450 (2022) – AUD $38,490

This compact yet mighty fishing weapon packs a punch. Don’t let its size fool you; the Renegade 450 is a proven performer, ideal for chasing fish in bays, estuaries, or calmer offshore conditions.

  • Perfect for: Keen anglers who value portability and maneuverability.
  • Key features: High sides for a safe and dry ride, wide beam for excellent stability, generous storage compartments, comfortable helm seating, rod holders aplenty.

Stessco Catcher SC440 Limited (2023) – AUD $30,490

The feature-packed Stessco Catcher SC440 Limited offers incredible value for money. This versatile aluminium wonder is at home on lakes, rivers, or inshore waters, making it perfect for fishing, crabbing, or exploring the coastline.

  • Perfect for: Anglers on a budget, families seeking a fun day on the water, or anyone who enjoys exploring the waterways.
  • Key features: Self-draining deck for easy cleaning, comfortable bench seating, ample storage space, lockable kill tank.

Ready to Reel In Your Dreams?

Visit Sunshine Coast Yamaha today and explore the Stessco boats in stock. With the Renegade 450’s power and the Catcher SC440 Limited’s versatility, we have the perfect Stessco to fuel your next aquatic adventure. Our friendly staff are eager to answer your questions and help you find the ideal boat to match your needs and budget.

Don’t wait – turn your fishing dreams into reality with a Stessco from Sunshine Coast Yamaha!